Lakewood is a city about 30 minutes northeast of downtown Los Angeles and just as easy to get to. If you live in the area, chances are you’ve already heard about Lakewood — it’s become such a popular place that it even has its own hashtag (#LakewOw). But what is all the hype about? Read on to find out.

Where is Lakewood, California?

Lakewood is located on the southern border of Los Angeles County, about 30 minutes northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The city is bounded on the east by the city of Long Beach and on the west by Los Angeles city. Lakewood is next to the large Los Angeles Naval Base. Lakewood is located just north of the city of Long Beach, right next to the Long Beach/Naval Base. The city stretches southwards to intersect with the city of Bellflower. Lakewood sits on a high plain, with the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains to its west and the San Gabriel Mountains to its east. Browse around this site.

What’s Near Lakewood?

Lakewood’s proximity to Los Angeles makes it a popular destination for visitors. Lakewood is located near several popular Southern California attractions, including: – Anaheim Stadium Statewide Anaheim Stadium is located in nearby Anaheim, California. It was home to the California Angels (who would later become the Los Angeles Angels) from 1955 to 1966. The stadium is now a minor league baseball stadium, but there are still occasional events there. – Disneyland Anaheim Disneyland Anaheim is a 45-minute drive southeast of Lakewood. The area’s proximity to the famous theme park makes it a convenient place to visit with family or friends. It’s also an ideal place to visit if you’ve visited Disneyland in the past and want to see more of the Southern California area. – Knott’s Berry Farm Knott’s Berry Farm is a short drive south of Lakewood. This well-known amusement park has a long history and is still going strong today. – Long Beach State University Long Beach State University is a quick drive to the west of Lakewood. This public university has a large student population and is a good place to learn more about Southern California. – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is also a quick drive to the west of Lakewood. This famous sports arena is home to the USC Trojans, a team that is popular in the LA area. – The Los Angeles Aquarium The LA Aquarium is located in nearby Long Beach. This large aquarium is a good place to visit with friends or family if you’re looking for something different to do in the area.

Things to Do Near Lakewood

Lakewood’s distance from other popular Southern California attractions makes it a good choice for visitors who want to experience the region outside of the city. Here are some of the best things to do near Lakewood: – The Santa Monica Pier – The Santa Monica Pier is a great place to visit with friends or family. The pier is a popular tourist destination, making it easy to find a good spot to enjoy the sights. You can also visit the nearby pier restaurants for a bite to eat while you’re there. – Knott’s Scary Farm – Knott’s Scary Farm is an amusement park famous for its Halloween-themed attractions. You can visit the park dressed for the season and experience a variety of scary attractions and haunted houses. – Universal Studios – Universal Studios is a must-visit for movie and theme park fans. It’s about 20 minutes west of Lakewood, making it a convenient option for visitors who want to spend some time exploring the area. – Long Beach State Beach – Long Beach State Beach is a good option for swimming or relaxing on the sand while you’re near Lakewood. The beach is close to several hotels and is a popular spot for locals. Next area.

Where To Eat Near Lakewood

The area surrounding Lakewood is a popular spot for Southern California foodies. Here are some of the best restaurants near Lakewood: – Flea Market Cafe – The Flea Market Cafe is a well-known restaurant in the Los Angeles area. The restaurant features classic Southern California cuisine, including burgers and macaroni and cheese. – Gallo Family Vineyards – The Gallo Family Vineyards is a popular winery in the area. It’s not just a winery, though — it’s also a restaurant that serves casual Southern California cuisine. – In-N-Out Burger – If you’re in the mood for a classic burger, you need to visit In-N-Out Burger. The menu is simple and the classic burgers are worth the trip. – The Original Farmers Market – The Original Farmers Market is a popular healthy food joint in the area. It’s a good choice for visitors who are trying to eat healthily while visiting the LA area.


Lakewood is a popular Southern California city that’s easy to get to. It’s also a convenient option for visitors who want to experience the area outside of the city. The area around Lakewood is a good place to visit with friends or family and it’s a convenient place to eat.

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